Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Part 006

“A man in Oregon kidnaps children and sells them to people outside of the country.” The Ghost Toasty, Doctor Death, hovered over Sean the Vampire.

Sean sat at the large, oak desk in the library of the mansion, Mount Olympus. He sucked on a tube inserted in a bag of blood. Sean chuckled at the thought of TV vampires drinking blood from crystal goblets. In reality, they would die of malnutrition if they fed that way. Blood could not be touched by air if it was to retain its nutritional value for a vampire. 

Doctor Death floated in front of Sean. He stirred the papers on the desk. Sean looked at him.

“What do you think?”

“About what?”

“The child trafficker in Oregon.”

“Horrible,” Sean said.

“Are we going after him?” Doctor Death tried to squeeze Sean’s bag of blood. Affecting the physical world whenever he wanted required more effort and concentration than the ghost could yet muster.

Sean shrugged his shoulders and continued to suck.

“A woman, known as ‘Mom’ physically abuses her foster children. She’s killed three so far and gotten away with it.”

“I never felt comfortable targeting people for dinner.” The bag compressed and squeezed together as Sean sucked out the last of the blood and air. He tossed the tube onto the desk and stood up. “Now that I have all this money, I can buy blood. With the rest, I just want to help people. Carry on the work with the orphans. Maybe expand to homeless families.” Sean wandered around the room as he spoke.

Doctor Death became dense. He thrust himself at the book shelves over Sean’s head. Books rained down on Sean, striking him about the shoulders until he moved away. He picked a book up from the floor and threw it at Doctor Death. It went through the spirit and struck the shelves.

“We made a deal,” said Doctor Death. “I expect you to stick to it.”

“Judgment and punishment should be left to someone else.”

“Don’t be such a wishy washy wuss. The rabid vermin of this world need to be put down and you are the perfect exterminator.” Doctor Death floated over the desk. “Come look at this article in this Oregon paper.”

Sean drifted back to the desk.

“Look at the faces of these missing children and then tell me you can’t go after the monster stealing them from their families for his profit.”

Sean spread out the front page of the newspaper. Pictures of five children covered most of the page. The headline read, “Missing From Three States. Authorities Baffled.” Sean looked at each child in turn. His eyes reached the little girl in the fourth picture. His back stiffened and he grabbed the edges of the paper in both fists bringing it closer to his face. He held his breath. He became whiter than usual and his fangs extended.

“Are you ok, Sean?”

“My daughter.”

Doctor Death smiled as Sean dropped the paper and rushed from the library.


Together We Save said...

Wow - good story... although Vampires kinda creep me out.

Nessa said...

Hi TWS: Thanks. This will get creepier, i think.

Jingle said...

great tale,
Happy Easter!

Nessa said...

Thank you Jingle. Happy Easter to you also.

Jinnifer richard said...

Thanks jingle happy Easter