Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Part 003

Sean took a casual look for a map. He looked around and saw portraits of “The Most Wanted” on the mustard colored walls. He decided to approach his search for bad-men-food like a brigadier general on campaign.
He ignored the greed in his veins calling for immediate release. This would be no slumber party. When you hunted a serial killer, rapist or arsonist, there was no need to be careful or kind. He looked forward to causing apoplexy in someone.
Something rushed by his head. At first he thought it was a hummingbird, but he knew no living beings were in the town. An apparition appeared in front of Sean the Vampire. This was the Ghost Toasty he had smelled earlier. Its vapors were singed on the edges.
“Call me Doctor Death,” said the specter, “I can help you find all of sinners you can eat.” The haunt swooped around Sean’s head.
“How did you die?”
“I went for a midnight swim in my parallelogram shaped natatorium after a day spent snorting cocaine, diving into the shallow end of the pool, hit my head and died.”
“Not too bright,” said Sean.
Doctor Death turned up the wattage and Sean had to shade his eyes.
“I know the first person on your menu lives in a mansion called Mount Olympus, surrounded by birch trees. You will need to go in with iron to protect yourself from his magic.”
“Um, vampire,” Sean said, pointing at his chest.
“Can you shape-shift right now or fly?” asked Doctor Death.
“I am weak right now from lack of blood, but I’ll manage.”
“Follow me.”
The phantasm floated through the wall at the back of the store. Sean followed through a door into an alley where a cherry red Mustang sat.
“Get in,” said Doctor Death. “Let’s go.”
Sean the Vampire got behind the wheel.
“Who’s car?”
“Why would a ghost need a car?”
“The person before I became a ghost needed a killer car,” said Doctor Death. “Start her up.”
Sean turned the key. A horrendous rumble and a mean growl erupted from the running motor, shaking every inch of the vehicle. The vibrations made Doctor Death’s vapors shift and quiver. Sean turned the car off and got out.
“What are you doing?” asked Doctor Death.
“That car needs a new muffler,” said Sean.
“Begging vampires can’t be choosy.”

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